Precise Sleep Scoring Solutions, PSG with Extended EEGs

Streamlined Operations

Simplify your operations by partnering with a reliable outsourcing provider, allowing you to optimize your processes and achieve greater efficiency.

Flexible Outsourcing

Enjoy the flexibility of outsourcing sleep study scoring on a per-study basis, allowing you to scale your operations efficiently based on workload.

Reliable Team Availability

Our dedicated team is available round the clock, ensuring reliability and timely turnaround for every sleep study scoring project.

Predictable Flat Rate

Benefit from a flat-rate pricing model per study, ensuring cost predictability and transparency. You only pay for the services you use, transforming fixed overhead into variable expenses.

Consistent Quality

Our experienced team guarantees accurate and consistent sleep study scoring, maintaining the highest quality standards for every project.

Sleep scoring

We are your premier destination for precise Sleep Study Scoring Services and comprehensive education. Unlock the secrets of sleep patterns with our accurate analysis and empower yourself as a sleep science connoisseur.

Sleep Technologist Program Offerings

Specialize in diagnosing and treating patients afflicted by sleep disorders.