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We are your premier destination for all things sleep-related, specializing in Sleep Score assessment and education for Registered Polysomnographic Technologist (RPSGT) certification. As a pioneering company in the realm of sleep science, our mission is to enhance global sleep health and quality of life.

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Welcome to the International Sleep Hub, where a rich legacy of over two decades in sleep scoring intersects with unwavering dedication to excellence, expertise, and your ultimate satisfaction. 

Our journey began 20 years ago, uniting seasoned professionals with a vision to redefine sleep scoring services. Today, we stand as industry pioneers, guided by our deep expertise and years of wisdom.

Established over three years ago, the International Sleep Hub has quickly become synonymous with consistent, unmatched service quality. We pride ourselves on fusing top-tier sleep scoring solutions with affordability, setting new industry benchmarks. Our commitment to patient privacy is unwavering, rooted in strict adherence to Canadian data protection laws and meticulous safeguards.

At the core of our ethos is the fusion of quality and accessibility. Our pride lies in delivering sleep scoring services that exemplify the highest standards, always within your reach. 

Our journey has been shaped by the evolution of an industry, and today, we stand ready to harness our seasoned expertise to meet your unique sleep scoring needs promptly and proficiently. Your satisfaction is our compass, driving us to surpass your expectations. In the realm of the International Sleep Hub, excellence in sleep scoring is not just a pursuit—it’s our enduring legacy.

What Sets Us Apart

Join us in shaping the future of sleep health and contribute to a world where restful nights lead to revitalized days. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your own sleep quality, embark on a rewarding career journey, or simply share your passion for sleep science, the International Sleep Hub is your trusted partner every step of the way.

Cutting-edge Sleep Score technology for personalized sleep insights.

Industry-leading RPSGT certification education with hands-on training.

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Access to a wealth of resources, research, and best practices.

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